Folding Door Manufacturerss UAE

Swiftrooms – UAE’s premier supplier for UPVC Windows, Doors & Luxury Glass Rooms! Good tip if using one door as a main back door, is to specify a single door to hang from the left, with the other doors folding to the right, gives a much stronger fitting as the hinges are fitted close to structural wall, rather than the frame of the adjacent door.

The Folding Sliding Door Company are proud to announce that after years of extensive research and development and unrivaled commitment that they have successfully received an overall performance Frameless folding doors rating of DP70 for its HD82 Thermally Broken Aluminum product line.

And while your general contractor or home designer can provide you an insight on what looks best for your type of property, you can count on The Folding Door Store to be the only company you will ever need to provide you with all the things you need for your folding patio door.

It is common with overhead sectional and coiling steel doors for delivery vehicles, pick-up trucks or even passenger cars to begin driving through the door opening after losing sight of the bottom of the door, only to hit the bottom panel as they move through the opening.

The combination of a multi-point locking system, locking shoot-bolts, high security hinges and thermally toughened glass make our Bi-Fold Doors so secure, even a 200lb punch bag couldn’t break them in our toughest test yet The lock cylinder is tested to BS EN 1303 and internal glazing beads are also fitted to prevent glass being removed from outside, keeping you even safer.