How to use Bluetooth wireless headphones

Best Bluetooth headphones – a convenient, practical and compact device for audio transmission, which works without wires (hence the name). But why one headset requires a wired connection, and the other can work at a distance, and what are its advantages and disadvantages? All the answers on how to use wireless headphones in the article below.
What is Bluetoth and how does it work?
It’s Bluetooth that allows wireless headphones to work without the use of ever-tearing wires. This is a technology based on the transfer of data between devices through the exchange of information using radio waves.

“Bluetooth” is a radio frequency standard patented more than 20 years ago, named after the King of Denmark, ruling in the 900s. This is a spectrum of frequencies that do not use other radio equipment – the range is from 2,400 to 2,4835 GHz. In addition, it is a set of rules in the form of a protocol that normalizes the interaction of devices connected to each other.

Bluetooth appeared in response to the popular technology in that period of data transmission through the infrared port, the lack of a method of transmission had high requirements for transmitters – they had to be placed in direct line of sight to the receivers and at a short distance from them. “Blutuz” can work even through the wall and any surface that is capable of missing a radio signal.

Function of wireless technology due to special picocells. There is an active and passive device. The first is connected to the second one and transmits the information in the form of bits. At the same time, the transmission speed can reach up to 3 Mbps. Since Blutuz uses low-power waves, data transfer does not deplete the battery of the device at all and uses a minimum of charge.

Bluetooth range. At what distance will wireless headphones be able to work from the source

The key problem of this technology is the presence of a variety of devices equipped with radio modules. Because of this, there may be interference in operation when foreign equipment is accidentally connected to the transmitter. But the developers of the best Bluetooth headphones have done everything possible to prevent the presence of such a problem – as much as possible reduced the coverage area of ​​”Bluetooth” and activated the frequency hopping.

As a result, you can not listen to music through the wireless earpiece, if it is further than 10 meters. And so that an alien device does not accidentally interfere with your data channel, the transmitter changes its frequency every second. Even if the frequencies coincide, it will be a short-term connection failure, which you will not have time to notice.

bluetooth heaphones

How do I pair devices with Bluetooth?
Not all electronics are equipped with this technology, and if the device has Bluetooth, it’s not a fact that it is suitable for connection to headphones. Developers of this method of data transmission to avoid interference have made so that each device has its own set of protocols with which they can work.

The easiest way to connect devices is when both of them have Bluetooth. Then it is enough to activate this function in both devices and connect via the active gadget to the passive for data transmission. If Bluetooth is not in the device, you can connect a special adapter that will act as a removable radio module.

Together with wireless headphones, the adapter and receiver are sometimes included. In this case, you only need to connect the transmitter to the equipment that transmits the sound, and insert the receiver into the headphones. True, this is true not for any equipment, and depending on the configuration of the adapter, you can connect it to a USB connector, or to an audio output, for example, a music center.

How to improve the sound quality of wireless headphones?
To prevent sound from cutting your ears, you need to achieve the maximum accuracy of audio transmission through the headphones. To do this, use the Advanced Audio Distribution profile. To configure it you need to install suitable drivers – you can try to install Bluesoleil different versions, just keep in mind that they will work differently.

If you turn on the headset on the computer, do not let the headphones initiate the connection, otherwise they will do everything their own way. Take care that the sound does not spoil the neighboring devices operating at a similar frequency. For example, it could be a router (Wi-Fi can take one or more of the 79 channels “Bluetooth”). Also, do not place the transmitter and receiver behind thick walls – this shortens the Bluetooth range.

And be careful – do not use best Bluetooth headphones for too long, especially for mono devices. If you use a mono earpiece on one ear every day, it will hear worse over time. Watch the volume level of the transmitter so that a sharp rasp or interruption of the radio frequency does not martedì immagini e fotos gratis per facebook stun you and does not deprive you of hearing!